Reasons to use WoltBit to buy Bitcoin with a credit card

January 10 2024Cfao

WoltBit is all about Cryptocurrency  transactions.  As the leading Cryptocurrency exchange platform, WoltBit buying and selling Cryptocurrencies at the best rates.

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In order to provide a great solution, we offer our customers a variety of purchase solutions including Credit Card and Wire Transfers. For high volume purchases, we have created an additional OTC desk in order to be able to close a rate in a short period of time. With our well-connected Bitcoin miners and the world’s largest exchange platforms, we are your first step into the Cryptocurrency world.

If you’re looking to start investing in Bitcoin or simply to use your credit card to obtain Bitcoin and not pay a lot of fees, you are in the right place.

Here are 6 reasons to use WoltBit to buy Bitcoin with a credit card:

You are not alone

WoltBit has a team of customer service agents waiting to assist you with any questions you might have.  Our customer support team is full of crypto and Bitcoin experts who will gladly accompany you through the KYC and BTC purchase processes, should the need arise. You can call us, chat with us, or email us.

It has never been simpler

WoltBit was designed to simplify every aspect of the process of buying Bitcoin.

The first step to buying Bitcoin is completing the Know-Your-Customer process (KYC for short). This process helps protect your identity and is basically designed to keep you, your funds, and the BTC seller safe and secure. The process is not complicated and should take 5 minutes.

Once the KYC process is complete, all that is left is for you to choose the dollar amount, input your credit card info and you’re done. By the way, in Europe, you can also use a bank transfer to purchase BTC.

Once you are ready to start you choose the amount of BTC you want and follow the instructions.

You can now use your credit card to buy Bitcoin. The process is fast, inexpensive, and fully secured.

Low entry point

We understand that being new to something comes with doubts. We want you to feel comfortable and see if crypto works for you. This is why we offer one of the lowest entry amounts in the market. You can start with as low as $50. New WoltBit customers get great offers because we believe that the future is crypto. There’s a whole new world of currency that doesn’t involve banks. Everyone who is tired of paying high banking fees is welcome.

Free education

WoltBit was created for people who are new to the crypto world. Naturally, there are a lot of terms to learn and questions to answer. We have prepared a guide for the newbie who sees the potential of Bitcoin and wants in. We have also created a series of blog posts that are meant to give you a wider understanding of the world of Bitcoin and crypto.  Sign up to receive them in the order in which they were intended.

Free crypto wallet

Once you create an account with WoltBit  you get a free crypto wallet. Many banks around the world refuse to accept Bitcoin. The whole idea of crypto and blockchain is to have an ecosystem where you can send money from peer to peer without intermediaries that charge you fees every time you decide to move or spend your money, AKA banks. So, naturally, you can’t hold your Bitcoin in your bank account. You need a wallet that supports Bitcoin. (Not all wallets were created equal, more on this later).